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"Project cycle management" training was held


On the 7th and 8th of June 2018. Kronauer Consulting held a two day training titled "Project cycle management" in the great hall of the City of Zenica. For more information, visit here



Kronauer Consulting signed the contract on December 23, 2015. to implement the project "Support to Social partners in social dialogue"


Purpose of this contract is to provide support to social partners (employees, employers, governments) in conducting a social dialogue including legislation, collective negotiations and drafting the law on collective negotiations at the level of entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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Celebrated the start of the project "Capacity building of government institutions to engage in a policy dialogue with civil society"


A speech representative of the Council of Ministers, Government of FBiH, the RS Government and the Government of the Brcko District, representatives of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the team leader of the project, Mr. Goran Zeravcic, on March 8, 2013. beginning at 13 am, officially marking the beginning of the project "Capacity building of government institutions to engage in dialogue with civil society in determining policy in Bosnia."
The project
Celebrated the start of the project "Capacity building of government institutions to engage in a policy dialogue with civil society"aims to strengthening the capacity of the Council of Ministers, Government of the FBiH, the RS Government and Government of the Brcko District, in cooperation with civil society and to engage in productive dialogue. Over the next two years, the project will support the efforts of government institutions at all levels to introduce the strategy of cooperation with civil society in the country, to provide the necessary technical assistance in the development of institutional mechanisms of cooperation with the authorities to civil society organizations, support in building the capacity of government institutions to participate in monitoring and analysis of public policy through the training of civil servants and assist governments in enhancing budgetary policy regarding support to civil society organizations.

Kronauer Consulting has won a tender competition for the EC project "Capacity building of government institutions to engage in a policy dialogue with civil society"


The project aims to provide capacity building of the State, entities and Brčko district of Bosnia and Herzegovina governments in development of institutional mechanisms for cooperation with civil society in order to enable the aforementioned governments to engage in a more fruitful dialogue with civil society. This project will also enable the governments to better understand the citizens' needs and to engage civil society better in different reform processes.

Kronauer Consulting has won a tender competition for the EC project "Support to Information and Communication Activities of the European Union Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina"


The main purpose of the project is to assist the EU Delegation in the implementation informatian and communication activities and in informing the general public about the EU and its policies with particular emphasis on subjects related to the EU's integration policy.
The purposes of this contract are following:
• Emphasize the EU 's commitment to the European perspective of the beneficiaries;
• Improve understanding about EU Enlargement and the benefits it brings for the citizens;
• Increase general understanding of the EU and EU-related issues, its policies and programmes;
• Promote concrete resuits of EU pre-accession assistance;
All resuits and proposed activities should have a strong impact throughout the country.
Duration of the project is 12 months.

About us

Kronauer Consulting

  is a professional consulting agency which specializes in providing consulting services in the sphere of business and social development, as support to the process of expanding the European Union. The agency was founded as a private consulting firm in November 2004 and has since developed a large number of specialist services in the areas of European integration, social and business development, democratization, human rights and civil society, institutional development and public administration, education and trainings, business counseling. The company is run by a Steering Board, which guarantees independence and high quality of expert services.





  Kronauer Consulting regards consulting services as an opportunity to get an objective, professional and expert analysis of a problem which includes development of tools and instruments that will enable our client to improve efficiency, effectiveness and minimize the risk related to the problem addressed.

Project Development and Design

  The initial phase of any project idea is its development and design. The quality of this initial phase in many ways is a pre-condition for the quality of the implementation. In developing and designing a project, Kronauer Consulting works with our clients in addressing all necessary aspects of the project (needs assessment, problem analysis, target group and beneficiaries, measurable specific objectives with adequate methodology and appropriate activities), ensuring that it is needs driven, optimally designed in relation to internal and external environment and constraints, relevant to the local context and other development strategies/initiatives, with concrete and measurable results and impact on final beneficiaries.

Project Cycles Management

  Development initiatives often need to deliver complex objectives in changing situations. Management services to support all stages of the project cycle are often required. Kronauer Consulting, with it core staff and free-lance consultants skilled in project management but also experts in the technical subject areas, provides management services for projects and programs that include both technical direction and administrative support.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  The purpose of monitoring and evaluation is to provide the decision makers with valid, reliable and timely data to enhance the quality of intervention. To ensure that the purpose of M&E is accomplished, Kronauer Consulting bases the design of M&E on the following components: clear statement of measurable objectives, a structured set of indicators, data collection and management of project records, institutional arrangements for gathering, analysing and reporting project data, and proposals in which M&E findings on relevance of intervention, its impact, assimilated lessons and recommendations for the future can be fed back into decision making.

Organisation of training, workshops and events

  Kronauer Consulting can provide for large or small scale events, from the administrative and logistical point of view but also from the technical aspect involving experts with relevant educational and professional background following the organization from the conception stage to the very implementation including the publicity, confirmations, preparations of various printed materials, organization of venues and appropriate technical equipment and engagement of relevant speakers/lecturers/trainers.



Fields of expertise

EU Integration

EU Enlargement, Europeanization and Integration

  • Introduction to European Union, its institutions and instruments
  • Setting up a national and regional systems and programmes for EU integrations
  • Training and capacity building in support to PCM, procurement, tendering and contracting

European Projects and Programmes

  • Conducting and coordinating research related to programming, programme design and projects development
  • Assisting to public, private and non-governmental sector in development of external aid, pre-accession and structural fund projects
  • Providing general technical assistance
  • Managing EU grant schemes
  • Implementation of EU projects

Public Awareness and Promotion Campaigns

  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Promotions and advocacy of integration of BiH in EU
  • Assisting in development of communication strategies

Community development

Strengthening of the social services sector

  • Support to social security reforms
  • Reorganisation of social services institutions
  • Advisory services on legislation, regulations and policies
  • Training for personnel and organizations

Strengthening Civil Society and Democracy and Human Rights

  • Advisory services on legislation, regulations and policies
  • NGO support
  • Community development
  • Training and information programmes

Promotion of social justice, equal opportunities and human rights

  • Prevention of discrimination (horizontal integration of gender and human rights)
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Promoting the rights and opportunities of vulnerable groups (minorities, children, persons with disabilities)
  • Advisory services on legislation, regulations and policy for the promotion and protection of human rights and social standards
  • Awareness raising campaign

Public Administration, Government and Institutional Development

Modernisation of the state, central and local administration

  • Police development and co-ordination
  • Institutional building, good governance and capacity building
  • Good management of public affairs and rationalisation of procedures and practices
  • Assistance in decentralization process and strengthening of local and municipal authorities
  • Creation of modern, transparent and participatory administrations
  • Improvement of management techniques
  • Training on EU policies and legislation
  • E-governance

Reinforcement of 'Aquis Communautaire'

  • Law harmonization and law approximation
  • Legal advice and legal drafting
  • Implementation of the 'Acquis Communautaire'
  • Public awareness of European issues
  • Impact studies on the new legislation on economy, society and budget
  • Justice and Home Affairs (Third Pillar) consulting: asylum, immigration, external border, judicial co-operation

Public finances

Public finance management reform

  • Equating and harmonization of local legislation with EU legislation in the area of public finances
  • Preparation and implementation of training for civil servants in public finance
  • Development of fiscal and macroeconomic analysis and projections
  • Support to public finance sector reform
  • Providing consulting services in the area of public finance


Preschool education

  • Development of alternative educational programs
  • Upgrading educational standards
  • Development of advanced educational methodologies and techniques i preschool institutions
  • Introducing technology in the preschool educational system
  • Providing counseling services in managing preschool institutions

Primary and secondary education

  • Development of educational programs based on learning results and in line with the labor market needs, transparent criteria of grading learning result
  • Providing counseling services for applying the latest computer-communication technologies in primary and secondary school systems
  • Support to the reform of primary and secondary education
  • Preparation and implementation of trainings for teaching personnel and educational institution management

Higher education

  • Development of expert studies on higher education
  • Development of public policies on higher education
  • Business optimization of higher education institutions
  • Preparation and implementation of trainings for teaching personnel and management of higher education institutions

Vocational education

  • Equating and harmonizing of local legislature with EU legislature in the field of vocational education
  • Development of criteria and procedures in the assessment and recognition of informal learning results
  • Empowering and further development of lifelong learning and ensuring the quality of attaining all qualifications
  • Organization and conduction of vocational education




Kronauer Consulting has implemented or participated in the implementation of numerous projects since its founding.
You can find the complete list of our references here



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The structure of Kronauer Consulting enables fast and effective response to the client's requests. The approach to the network of experts in all fields of expertise guarantees a high level and quality of services. Besides, significant contacts with partners - respectable consulting agencies from Europe ensure fast access to all types of local and international expertise tailored to the needs of individual clients. We actively cooperate with your team and provide transfer of knowledge that ensures a cycle of continual improvement of quality. Our business philosophy is based upon conviction that:
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