Project title Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners if any
Technical Assistance for Population and Housing Census - phaseKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina1.675.207,00 EUR EU Delegation to BiHIPA 201019.03.2012. - 18.06.2013AAM Hungary (Consortium leader)
Strengthening of the Capacity of the Civil Society to take part in Policy DialogueKRONAUER Consulting (Consortium leader)Bosnia & Herzegovina1.199.005,00 EUREC Delegation to BiHIPA 200701.11.2009. - 31.10.2011.COWI, ATOS Consulting UK and Office for NGOs of the Government of Republic of Croatia
Support to the NIPAC in the programming of IPA IIKRONAUER Consulting (consortium with EPTISA and Ernest & Young)Bosnia & Herzegovina1.100.00,00 EUREU Delegation to BiHIPA 200712/2015-12/2017EPTISA Servicios de Ingenieria S.L., Ernst & Young Advisory Services
Capacity building of government institutions to engage in a policy dialogue with civil societyKRONAUER Consulting (Consortium leader)Bosnia & Herzegovina969.200,00 EUREC Delegation to BiHEU03.01.2013. - 02.01.2015.EPTISA
Technical Assistance to the PBS of BiH in the Establishment of a Fourth Legal Entity KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina533.500,00 EUREC Delegation to BiHIPA 200701.07.2009. - 30.06.2010.BBC World Trust, Naturex UK
SUPPORT TO SOCIAL PARTNERS IN SOCIAL DIALOGUEKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina482,530.00 (277,222.70 EUR implemented so far)EU Delegation to the BiHIPA18.01.2016-18.01.2018( 18.01.2016-18.01.2017)EPTISA
Support for implementation of the EU communication strategy for enlargement in BiHKRONAUER Consulting (Consortium leader)Bosnia & Herzegovina431.192,00 EUREU Delegation to BiHIPA 201008.07.2011. -31.10.2012.Euroconsultants SA (Greece), Hauska & Partners doo (Croatia)
Development of a tourist product based on cultural and historic heritage of SarajevoKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina300.000,00 EURMuseum of Sarajevo CityMinistry of Culture of Sarajevo Canton01.03.2005. -30.05.2005.
Bosnia and Herzegovina General Technical Services 2008KRONAUER Consulting (Consortium leader) Bosnia & Herzegovina196.000,00 EUREC Delegation to BiHEC Delegation to BiH27.12.2007. - 15.10.2008.e.Lab
Bosnia and Herzegovina General Technical Services 2007KRONAUER Consulting (Consortium leader) Bosnia & Herzegovina196.000,00 EUREC Delegation to BiHEC Delegation to BiH28.12.2006. - 31.10.2007.Bradley Dunbar (UK)
Promotion of second project of proactive employmentKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina150.000,00 EURFederal Ministry of Work and Social Policy30.09.2005-01.06.2006.McCann Erickson d.o.o. (Consortium Leader)
Bosnia and Herzegovina General Technical Services 2006KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina149.000,00 EUREC Delegation to BiHEC Delegation to BiH01.12.2005. - 31.10.2006.
Supporting Implementation of IPA CBC programmes - provision of services in relation to grant award proceduresKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina70.800,00 EUREC Delegation to BiHEC Delegation to BiH24.11.2008.-24.05.2010
Training of Information Officers / Public Relations-phase II (PARCO)KRONAUER Consulting Bosnia & Herzegovina59.222,94 EUR(15.000,00 EUR implemented so far)Public Administration Reform Coordinator's OfficePARCO11/2016-08/2017 (11/2016-01/2017)
AgroNet Project - Provision of the specific technical assistance to the implementation of Agro Net projectKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina50.000,00 EURFONDACIJA ZA ODRžIVI RAZVOJ / Foundation for Sustainable Development - ODRAZEU01.10.2012. - 28.02.2013.AgroLink
Developing a Financial Operating Model for Trial StoresKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina45.000,00 EURTV Warehouse ltd. London & Canis Media ltd. London01.06.2005. - 30.09.2005.Envision Retail London
Market research for new products in telecommunication areaKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina35.000,00 EURBH Telecom20.06.2006. - 20.08.2006.cell7
Project of Development of Local CommunitiesKRONAUER Consulting (Consortium leader)Bosnia & Herzegovina35.000,00 EURFoundation for sustainable development of FBiH (ODRAZ)World Bank20.06.2006. - 31.12.2006.Economy institute Banja Luka
Preparation of tender documents for procurement of works for the section of highway Vlakovo - Lepenica (Ref. JPAC 228-B30-11) and Lepenica - Suhodol (Ref. JPAC 229-B29-11) on corridor Vc by procurement policies and rules of the European Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina26.740,05 EURJP Autoceste FBiH05.03.2012. -30.08.2012.
Conducting research on the causes of domestic violence in FBiH KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina25.394,08 EURGender Center FBiH18.05.2012. -01.02.2013.
Preparation of the consolidation phase of SDC engagement in Agriculture KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina25.000,00 EURSDCSwiss Government06.04.2009. - 30.09.2009.
Provision of technical service and training for the development of local capacities in Business Development Services within the Srebrenica region KRONAUER Consulting (Consortium leader)Bosnia & Herzegovina22.000,00 EURUNDPUNDP16.02.2009. - 12.06.2009.Link, Mostar
Baseline Survey- Socio-economic assessment of the CRPR project communities KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina20.000,00 EURUNDP BIHUNDP01.12.2009. - 01.03.2010.
Strengthening the capacities of Association "UNA-SANA"KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina19.500,00 EURAssociation "UNA -SANA"SDC01.01.2007.-31.12.2007.
Evaluation of 10 AGHSP projects KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina15.000,00 EUREmbassy of Japan04.01.2006.-15.03.2006.
Development of a training material and delivery of training for "BOSPER" Association KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina15.000,00 EUR"BOSPER" Association"BOSPER" Association27.12.2007-30.04.2008.
Mapping study of CSOs in Bosnia and HerzegovinaKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina13,500.00 EUREPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd.European Commision12/2015-08/2016EPRD
Preparation of tender documents for procurement of works for the section of highway Suhodol - Tarčin and Zvirovići - Kravice on corridor Vc by procurement policies and rules of the European Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina12.084,05 EURJP Autoceste FBiH01.08.2011. -25.08.2011.
Review of SDC Social Domain Mid-term Program KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina12.000,00 EURSwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)03.05.2006. - 01.11.2006.
Improvement of position of women war victims in BiH societyKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina12.000,00 EURFoundation of Local DemocracyEC Mission to BiH01.03.2005. - 28.02.2006.
Evaluation of the EU Outreach Activities and EU Communication Strategy in BiHKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina11.360,00 EUREUSR26.05.2011. -30.06.2012.
Analys of the online presentations of all benificiariesKRONAUER Consulting Bosnia & Herzegovina10.481,48 EURGIZEU06/2013-09/2013
Small school of EU" with focus on Project Cycle Management, training and workshops in the municipalities of Jajce, Ribnik and KljučKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina10.000,00 EURDanish Refugee CouncilDanish Refugee Council15.03.2009. - 30.04.2009.
Development and Support of structure in the Youth SectorKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina10.000,00 EURGTZ23.05.2007.-23.08.2007.
Assessment and Evaluation of AGRP ProjectsKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina10.000,00 EUREmbassy of Japan28.04.2006.-25.05.2006.
Research about corruption in high educationKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina7.142,65 EURVESTA-HOEU Delegation in BiH23.12.2011. -29.02.2012.
Programs for the preparation of projects and potential candidates for assets from the fund H2020KRONAUER Consulting Bosnia & Herzegovina5.112, 91 EURMinistry of Civil AffairsMinistry of Civil Affairs08/2016-08/2017
Development of training materials and delivery of training for representatives of Roma organizations in Bosnia and HerzegovinaKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina5.000EURSOROS BudapestOSF Budapest01.03.2014. -30.04.2014.
Consulting services for the "Greening the management of protected areas in SRB-BIH Cross-border Region" Project STUDY II - Action plan for strengthening the role of environmental NGOs in development of protected areas and sustainable tourism KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina4.450,00 EURFoundation of Local Democracy01.03.2011. -01.11.2011.
The programs for the preparation of projects and potential candidates for funding from the EU-FP7 for 2015KRONAUER Consulting Bosnia & Herzegovina3.579,04 EURMinistry of Civil AffairsMinistry of Civil Affairs08/2015-08/2016
Training services KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina1.533,88 EURIBHIUNICEF21.-23.03.2012.
Training services KRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina1.043,04 EURIBHIUNICEF26.-27.04.2012.
Online support for the preparation, development and implementation of EU grant projects KRONAUER Consulting Bosnia & Herzegovina1794,63 EUR per projectXY AssociationXY Association01/2013-03/2013
Development of training materials and delivery of training for representatives of the Government of FYR Macedonia and Macedonian Roma organizationsKRONAUER ConsultingBosnia & Herzegovina1.200 EURMinistry for labour and Social work of MacedoniaOSF Budapest25.04.2014. - 01.05.2014.